Please join us in prayer for this nation and for all Christians around the world as we Stand Up 4 Jesus!

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Here are a few special prayer requests that we would encourage all to join in:

  • We at CNM are expecting the Lord to use this ministry in some mighty ways in 2013-2014. This is God’s ministry and we are asking Him to use it as a catalyst for REVIVAL as we seek His will, direction and power. Please pray for this ministry as we step out in faith.
  • Please pray for our ministry partners. The Lord has begun to bring some awesome partners our way. Pray for all of our partners to continue to be used by God for the furthering of His Kingdom.
  • We would like all of our prayer partners to cover the new radio ministry that CNM has been blessed with. We want to boldly proclaim the gospel and bring glory to Jesus Christ through this radio ministry.
  • There is a burden on our hearts for marriages. We have heard about many marriages of Christian couples that are in trouble right now. Brothers and sisters, the key to staying strong in your marriage is staying close to the Lord and remembering to put your partner ahead of yourself. Here is the formula: Jesus #1, Others #2, You #3, Those three beginning letters spell the word JOY! Please pray for your marriage, your spouse, and for your friends marriages. The enemy is attacking the institution of marriage during these last days as well as our children and grandchildren. Prayer is SO very important now!

Thank you for ALL your prayers for these requests. We at CNM understand the power of prayer and we also value our prayer warriors! Please stay on your knees! We need you.